Insignare's Lifelong Learning Centre

Insignare’s Lifelong Learning Centre focus its activity on teaching adults throughout their life, namely those who want to improve, broaden or update their already acquired knowledge. It is the biggest Lifelong Learning Centre in the region, with thousands of qualified students in varied educational areas, such as self financing courses, adult education and training, short-term training units and tailor-made specialized courses for companies.

Developed Areas:

- Foreign Languages
- Computer Science
- Trade
- Accountancy and Taxation
- Management and Administration
- Secretarial and Administrative Work
- Organization Framing
- Food Industry
- Hotel and Restaurant Service
- Civil Construction and Civil Engineering
- Electricity and Energy
- Metal Work and Metal Mechanic
- Children and Teenager Support Service
- Social Service and Guidance
- Road Transport
- Protocol and Events


Trainees Covered: