Fátima's Hospitality School

Fátima’s Hospitality School (EHF) was funded in 1993, as a subsidiary school of Ourém’s Vocational School. Its main goal was to prepare young students for the qualified workforce needs from Fátima’s companies, especially in areas like Tourism and Restaurant and Hotel Services.

In order to enable this subsidiary’s functioning, one of Ourém’s Vocational School’s associates provided highly equipped facilities, and the vocational courses of Reception, Restaurant-Bar, and Cooking and Pastry Technicians began.

In 2011, this subsidiary school had the opportunity of having its own facilities and moved to an old seminary. At the same time, it became an autonomous school and changed its name to Fátima’s Hospitality School.

Nowadays, besides the previously mentioned vocational courses, this school has other courses such as the vocational courses of Tourism Technician and the Events Management Technician.

Fátima’s Hospitality School has currently around 250 students.