Ourém's Vocational School

Ourém’s Vocational School was funded on the 24th of August, 1990, through the signature of a contract that established a programme between the Ourém’s City Hall, the Ourém-Fátima Business Association and the Portuguese Government.

In September 1990, the first class was created: a class of the Vocational Management Course and its lessons took place in temporary facilities kindly provided by one of the school’s associates.

It became clear from the very beginning that there was a need for vocational courses due to the fact that the local companies needed qualified workers and were eager to receive students from this school. Therefore, other vocational courses began in areas such as civil construction, furniture design, sales and computing.

Recently, after more than 20 years since its opening and facing a different reality as far as the social and economical context is concerned, new vocational courses with high technical and technological subjects began.

Nowadays, the school activity is based on preparing local students for an increasingly competitive labour market, not only in Portugal but also at an international level.

With these new orientations other vocational courses were approved in modern areas like renewable energies, design, metal work, industrial maintenance, electronics, automation and control. Ourém’s Vocational School has currently around 250 students.

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